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Share Your Opinion,
Earn Rewards

Share your opinions on brands by taking fun surveys anytime, anywhere and earn cash money rewards.


4 Simple Steps To Earn Rewards

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Download App

Bounty is 100% free to download on any android or IOS device.

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 Sign Up

Complete your registration by creating an account on the Bounty app. 

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Complete Surveys

Take surveys you want on Bounty, and get paid for sharing your thoughts with brands we all know and love.

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Earn Cash & Rewards

Receive the rewards via your PayPal/bank account or convert them into gift vouchers and use however you like.

What is the thing that you always have with you?
Of course, that's a smartphone.

On average, people check their smartphones 58 times per day and spend too much time. However, why do not they earn money from it?

Thanks to Bounty, we are always with you every moment of the day and everywhere as a mobile application. You can take any survey you like while sitting at home at night, shopping at a store, or walking outside in the morning. Earn wherever and whenever you want, and enjoy the freedom of Bounty.

Earn wherever  you want, whenever you want!


Always fun with feature-rich surveys

There are lots of surveys to take in different ways on Bounty. Simple surveys with multiple choice questions, mystery shopping studies that you can do outside, daily video answers, passive measuring studies which do not require answering any questions, and many more. It means that every new survey is different excitement with different topics.

Now, you can enjoy earning money by sharing your opinion with the brands like all Bounty users!

Your opinion is important because you have the power of decision and purchase in a world with so many brands. And, brands always want to improve their products and services to provide you with more benefits, so they like to hear your feedback and opinions. At this point, Bounty stands as a bridge to be a connection between consumers and brands, helps brands improve themselves, and pay the consumers for their thoughts with cash money rewards.

Markalarla sesinizi Bounty ile duyurun

Bounty: a connection between brands and consumers

Download the Bounty app, be a part of the Bounty community of nearly 2 million users and start earning now.

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