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Who we are, what we do?

Twentify is a research company founded in 2014, which developed Bounty mobile research application with nearly 2 million users worldwide. Twentify gives service to Bounty users and brands with more than 20 employees in various regions of Europe, Asia, and America.

The Bounty application you use is a mobile research platform developed by Twentify with its resources in Turkey. Twentify brings the brands you use in your daily life together with you with the Bounty application. Brands also work with Twentify to give service to you better, develop new products by determining your needs, or improve themselves by understanding your satisfaction with their products/services, and surveys on various topics are published to you on the Bounty application. 

In other words, Twentify is a bridge between you and brands with the Bounty application and rewards you for your contributions while conveying your thoughts, satisfaction, and wishes to the brands.


Twentify publishes the surveys on Bounty to you by following specific research criteria and quality standards. The memberships of ESOMAR, TUAD, and international quality certification ISO 20252 create a common quality level worldwide.

All the information you share through the Bounty application is processed and protected in accordance with GDPR (global data protection regulation).

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